All About The Indianapolis 500 Race

The most famous annual automobile race is named “The Indianapolis 500” held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. The last weekend in May is the time for The Indianapolis 500 which is a part of Memorial Day (originally Decoration Day) events. It is also a part of the Verizon IndyCar Series, which is the top level of American Championship Car racing. It is also known as “Indy Car Racing”. One of the most prestigious Motorsports events in the world, the Indianapolis 500 is part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport. It is billed as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Indy 500 is one of the most populated event in America. Popularity of the event is generated thousands viewers around the globe. Although the official figure is never disclosed by Speedway management. But it is known that the permanent seating capacity is upwards of 250,000. The infield attendance is raised to approximately 300,000 on the race-day. In the year 2011, it has completed its one hundred year.

The 100th race will be held this year. The Indianapolis is a 2.5 mile race at oval circuit. Drivers race 200 laps, counterclockwise around the circuit, for a distance of 500 miles. A driver has to race 200 laps in a counterclockwise around the circuit for a distance of 500 miles. Since it has started, the Indy 500 has always been scheduled on or around Memorial Day. But from 1974, it has scheduled on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. As the tradition, the race starts with 33 racers. It is contested by “Indy cars”, a formula of professional-level, single-seat, open cockpit, open-wheel, purpose-built race cars. The current engine manufacturers are Chevrolet and Honda. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway itself is considered as the world’s largest sporting facility in terms of capacity. The race is not held in wet conditions due to safety issues. The total prize money has exceeded $13 million in 2011. $2.5 million is awarded to the winner. This made the Indy 500, one of the richest cash prize funds in sports.

Tickets Of The Indianapolis 500

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Source : WIKI